Blackouts 101: What to Do Before and During Blackouts

Storms, typhoons and other natural calamities are unavoidable. Stocking up on supplies and preparing your home is necessary to prevent problems during storms. One of the things you should prepare for is blackouts.

Recently, Western Australia was hit by tropical cyclone Seroja, leaving a trail of smashed houses, fallen trees, and downed power lines. With the power lines down, there is a good chance that it may take a while before the power goes back. This only outlines the need for preparation.

Whether your area is about to experience a storm or any other natural disaster, you need to know these tips and tricks. Here is a list of things you should do before, during, and after blackouts.

Preparing Your Home Before a Power Outage

During a power outage, you may be left without lighting, running water, hot water, and heating or air conditioning. If you have people with disabilities that need electricity for their equipment or medication, you’re going to need generators. If you have a cordless phone, then you may be left without phone service to call home electricians.

In other words, you have the responsibility to prepare and protect your home and the lives in it. Here are some of the things you can do to prepare yourself and your family:

Prepare an emergency kit

Inside your emergency kit should be medicine, batteries, a battery-powered radio, at least one waterproof torch, a first aid kit, waterproof bags, and protective blankets. ABC Emergency has a full list of items you should prepare. It’s also nice to have a go-bag where you can place all your important documents and items.

Stock up on non-perishable food and water

Food and water are important for survival. During a storm, you need food to eat. Grocery stores and restaurants will not be open during this time, so you need to stock up. Even Queensland Urban Utilities says that residents need three days’ worth of water at minimum.

Install emergency lighting and smoke arms

You may not know how to install emergency lighting and smoke alarms, but you can always call home electricians to do the job. GKB Electrical can provide residential and commercial electrical service to the Perth Metro and Peel regions of Western Australia.

What to Do During the Blackout

When the power goes out, you need to check all these items:

  • Note when the power went off
  • Check whether the power outage is limited to your home
  • Turn off all tools, appliances and electrical devices to avoid fire and power damage
  • Turn off all lights except for one inside and one outside so that you and your neighbour can see when power has been restored
  • Regularly listen to the radio for news
  • Check on your neighbours or anyone that might need help
  • Minimise opening and closing the fridge and freezer


Preparing for blackouts is helpful to avoid untoward incidents in your home and family. Power outages may last for a day to a few weeks, so knowing what to do helps. There are even services that can help you install a non-electric standby stove or heater so you can still cook and generate heat even without electricity.

If you’re wondering if there are electricians in your area, GKB Electrical offers Residential and Commercial Electrical Service to the Perth Metro and Peel regions of Western Australia. We also provide residential electrical services to surrounding suburbs such as Armadale, Cockburn, Byford, Coogee, Canning Vale, Piara Waters, Huntingdale, Serpentine, and Darling Downs. Call us today!

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