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Safety Requirements Landlords Need to Know

In Australia, if you own a rental property, it must meet specific requirements. As a landlord, you must ensure that these are met and that your property abides by all the health and building codes in your area. After all, one of the most critical roles of rental property owners and managers is keeping the property safe for their tenants.

Safety in rented properties comes in many forms. It includes removing any type of physical harm, deterring potential criminal intruders, and minimising injuries on the property.

A New Landlord’s Checklist for Property Safety

If you are new to the business, here are some of the first things you need to include in your safety checklist:

1 – Set Up Smoke Alarms in Every Property

Fire is a home emergency nobody wishes to experience. As a landowner, one of the rules you should know is the mandatory placement of smoke alarms in every home in Australia as a landowner. Inhaling smoke and deadly gases kills more people than actual burns. Smoke alarms play a critical role in the early detection and prevention of fires and can save lives.

Aside from placing alarms in every unit, you also need to keep an eye on their performance. You should replace the batteries every year or as often as necessary, and entire unit replacement every ten years.

2 – Add Safety Switches

Make sure you check your local safety regulations as these vary from one state to another. For example, if you live in Western Australia, you need to have a minimum of two safety switches (RCDs) installed to cover your power and lighting circuits. Failing to do this would result in penalties.

Safety switches protect people from electric shocks. When the safety switches recognise a current leak, they automatically turn off the electricity in milliseconds, preventing accidental electrocution.

3 – Get Gas Safety Equipment

Just like the safety switches, every state differs in its rule about gas safety requirements. Regardless of what the local code states, every landlord must have the initiative to keep everything in their property safe—including maintenance of the chimneys, flues, and gas fittings. You need to ensure that these parts of the property meet the local council’s standards.

4 – Providing High-Quality Locks and Security Technology

To keep your tenants safe from burglaries and your property safe from damage and theft, you need to provide quality locks in all entry and exit points—all doors and windows. Adding security cameras to crucial areas on the property would also be a great idea. Doing this would deter any break-ins, theft, vandalism, and other illegal acts within and outside your property.

5 – Provide Emergency Repairs

The job of caring for your tenants does not stop. Unfortunately, so neither do house emergencies. Should your tenants need important and urgent repairs, you have to provide them with immediate responses. That is a job and a rule that all landlords must follow.

Having a contact for all plumbing, gas, water, and other emergency service providers in your local area would help you address any tenant’s concerns promptly.


Landlords play an essential role in ensuring that every tenant lives a comfortable and secure life on their property. In fact, it is only one of their many responsibilities. To learn more about the other obligations you have as a landlord, make sure to read through the Building Code of Australia. You can also consult with reliable electrical contractors in your area to get their professional input.

Should you need a home electrician to help you with your security and safety concerns in Perth or nearby areas, we would be happy to serve you. GKB Electrical provides both residential and commercial services through our experienced and licensed electricians. Contact us to request a free quote or learn more about how we can help.

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