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How to Know If You Need to Rewire Your Home

Small wiring problems often go unnoticed or ignored until a more serious electrical problem becomes apparent to the homeowner. Many homes suffer from electrical issues that can come back to bite them later on, especially if they are left unfixed. There are quite a few homeowners who do not realize how unsafe their houses have become when wiring issues arise.

Don’t be one of those people who choose to turn a blind eye to the telltale signs of electrical and wiring issues. It is always best to call a residential electrician and have your home’s wiring checked when you notice one of the signs mentioned below.

Electrical Issues: Signs Your House Needs to Be Rewired

1 – Flickering Lights

If you notice that the lights in your home regularly flicker on and off, this may be one of the signs that your wiring and electrical connections may have a problem. If your lights are too bright, it may mean that there is too much electrical current flowing through them. In turn, if they are too dim, it means they are receiving an abnormally low current. Either way, your home’s electrical system will benefit from rewiring.

2 – Light Bulbs Burning Out

This is one of the most common yet more dangerous wiring and electrical issues in a home. If you have had lights bursting in their sockets, it may be a sign of uneven or fluctuating electrical current in the writing of your home.

3 – Sparking Outlets

Sparks can be an extremely clear sign of an electrical issue. There may be wires within your home’s walls that are exposed. If these sparks continue to fly, they may cause an electrical fire. At best, it’ll be a small inconvenience, and at worst, it’ll mean the loss of your home and belongings.

4 – The Smell of Electrical Burning

Electrical burns have a distinct smell. If you think that you have smelled something burning with a metallic undertone in the smell, that may mean that your wirings are melting due to the high heat of the electrical current flowing the wires.

5 – Outdated Electrical Systems

If you live in an old home, your wiring and electrical connections may not be as structurally sound as they used to be. Having your home’s electrical wiring system checked by an electrical specialist or having your home rewired will be a good idea at this point.


The list mentioned above is by no means exhaustive and fully comprehensive of all the signs to look out for, however, they are the most common. If you have experienced at least one of these signs or you feel that your home’s electrical system has been compromised, it is best to work with an electrician to help narrow down the problem.

Keep in mind that calling an electrician early will prevent any injury or accident from taking place. If you have small children in your home who may accidentally touch your sockets and electrical outlets by mistake, making sure that they are all in working order will ensure that nobody will get hurt because of an electrical issue that would be otherwise avoidable.

If you need the assistance of a residential electrician in Perth, contact GKB Electrical. We aim to provide you with reliable electrical services that will make your home a safe place for you and your family to live.

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