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How to Protect Your Home Against Power Surges

There’s no doubt that electronic equipment dominates the landscape today. While all the latest innovations in technology can make life easier, power surges become a more devastating risk as they can render your electronic devices useless.

Something as minor as a hairdryer malfunctioning due to a power outage won’t feel too heavy, but costlier appliances such as your computer, air conditioning units, and other electronically-powered devices can break down when a power surge strikes.

This can deal a massive blow to your budget; that’s why it’s essential to consider preventive measures that can protect your house in the event of a power surge.

Tip #1: Invest in a Surge Protector

When it comes to saving all your devices and appliances at home, it’s worth investing in whole house surge protectors. They work like power strips and direct the excess electricity from your home’s outlet grounding wire to safeguard your gear from random voltage spikes.

While it sounds expensive, the price largely depends on the suppressor’s power capacity and the device’s rate in joules, ranging from the lowest at $50 to hundreds of dollars.

Tip #2: Use Power Strips and Other Protection for Your Devices

A whole-house surge protector can do wonders for protecting your electronics. However, it also helps to supplement this preventive measure by safeguarding specific devices such as power strips, surge stations, or even just an uninterruptable power station to ensure your computer won’t break down in case of a surge.

These are also more affordable options for those who don’t have a dedicated whole-house surge protector, though always pay attention to the rating of your appliances so you can choose the right protectors with the appropriate joule rating.

Tip #3: Inspect Your Wiring

Any faulty wiring needs immediate professional attention since minor damages can quickly cause house fires, but beyond this common risk, poor wiring can also exacerbate your power surge problems. Hiring an expert electrician should ensure all your electrical wiring is up-to-standards and can withstand multiple emergencies.

Tip #4: Be Sure to Unplug Electronics During a Storm

If you don’t have surge protection, the cheapest way to protect your appliances and similar electronics is to simply unplug sensitive devices during a storm. These inclement conditions facilitate power surges due to lightning strikes, so keeping your electronics unplugged can safely prevent them from experiencing the burst in your area’s power lines.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Protecting Your Electronics From Power Surges

Power surges are silent killers that eventually creep up over time. One spike is not enough to bust your electronics, but repeated power surges can eventually take a toll on all your electronics and lead them to their death when left unattended.

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